WPIAL Plans To Resume Fall Sports, Announces They Are In Favor Of PIAA’s Handling Of Decision


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The WPIAL held a press conference on Monday to address the plan for fall high school sports.

This comes after the state recommended school and recreational youth sports be postponed until 2021. On Friday, the PIAA asked Gov. Wolf and his administration to work with them and discuss fall sports.

On Monday, the WPIAL said it will follow the PIAA and abide by the two-week pause before letting sports go on as scheduled.

WPIAL Executive Director Amy Scheuneman says there’s been a discrepancy in the guidance without cause. She says the governor’s recommendation to postpone sports was an un-calculated, inconsistent and an unfair approach.

“My plea to Governor Wolf is to reevaluate and see the importance of high school athletics as a whole,” Scheuneman says.


Scheuneman says the negative consequences and health risks for not allowing sports isn’t being taken into consideration. According to Scheuneman, students could become depressed because of the isolation or become at risk for obesity with the lack of exercise.

“We do not view sports simply as a game but rather as an opportunity for educational and overall development of students,” says Scheuneman.

According to Scheuneman, the governor should take a look at each sport separately and not blanket them all together. She says some have more opportunities for social distancing than others.

She went on to say she doesn’t see the state’s reason for allowing students into buildings, but barring them from playing sports.

If the governor’s office were to issue a mandate postponing fall sports until January, Scheuneman said the WPIAL would have to follow suit.