Wolf Administration Says Pools And Summer Programs Can Open In ‘Yellow’ And ‘Green’ Counties If They Follow CDC Guidelines

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – According to guidance released by the Wolf Administration, outdoor pools and some summer programs for kids in counties in the “yellow” or “green” phase can reopen this summer.

In an FAQ shared by Gov. Tom Wolf, it says public bathing places and other outdoor community pools can reopen in the yellow and green phases as long as they follow CDC guidance.

The provided guidance for “public aquatic venues.” Among the guidance, the CDC encourages using a cloth face mask “as feasible” but not while you’re in the water.

Summer programs are allowed in the yellow and green phases, while overnight organized camps and organized sports teams aren’t. If summer programs in yellow or green counties are operating, they need to developing a written health and safety plan that adheres to CDC guidelines and post it publicly.

“We understand the need to secure child care options as parents and caregivers return to work across the state,” Gov. Wolf said in a press release.

“And for providers of these programs to understand how they may operate. We hope that this guidance helps everyone in need of viable options for their children’s care and recreation this summer and eliminates some of the stress and worry associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our everyday lives.”

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