University Of Pittsburgh To Begin Randomly Testing Students For Coronavirus

OAKLAND (KDKA) — Beginning this Wednesday, the University of Pittsburgh’s COVID-19 Medical Response Team will start randomly testing incoming students for Coronavirus.

This plan includes undergraduate and graduate students as well as students who are both living on or off campus and even those not showing any COVID-19 symptoms.

The testing plan will work as follows:

Students will get an email 24 to 48 hours before their scheduled testing time along with instructions about where and when to show up.

That day, students being tested will pick up a testing kit, which has a scannable bar code, provide a test sample, and give the kit back to testing staff.

The university says testing will take around 30 minutes.

Students should receive test results within two to three days from Pitt’s Student Health Service.

If a student tests positive, the Student Health Service will advise on what to do next.

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