University of Pittsburgh Setting Aside Beds For Potential Coronavirus Isolations, Preparing For Students To Return To Campus

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As we navigate and change our lives because of the coronavirus, universities like Pitt are having to update and adjust campus life and activities.

In a matter of weeks, thousands of students will make their way on campus, so what is the school doing to keep them safe?

The changes keep on coming for the University of Pittsburgh students.

From a mandatory shelter in place period, to the mask wearing, and now with this latest announcement for students if they test positive.

They’ve definitely been sending us a lot of updates like pretty frequently,” said Serena Lanfranco, a University of Pittsburgh student.

The most recent update for students included the steps the university is taking if they start seeing positive coronavirus cases.

The university tells KDKA that they’ve set aside dozens of beds to isolate students.

“I would rather just go and isolate myself in my room and wear a mask while I walk around with my roommates or something,” said Lanfranco.

In Allegheny County, cases have fluctuated, but more recently have risen.

This is something the university is keeping an eye on.

Students we talked to say it has been challenging in keeping up with the changes from the school, but they understand given the difficult situation.

“They’re definitely responding and listening to students and trying to come up with the best scenario for everybody so that we’re all safe,” Lanfranco said.

Classes are scheduled to resume for Pitt students in the main campus August 19th.