‘Unacceptable’: Pitt Releases Results From Student Survey On Sexual Assault, Misconduct

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The University of Pittsburgh says the recent results from a survey about sexual assault show “an unacceptable prevalence” of sexual misconduct at the university.

The University of Pittsburgh says it was one of 33 universities that participated in the voluntary Association of American Universities Campus Climate Survey in the spring of 2019.

The university says the results represent the input of about 15 percent of its students across Pitt’s five campuses.

In a press release, they say “the results clearly show an unacceptable prevalence of sexual misconduct and assault.”

For example, 64.5 percent of the students surveyed thought it was very or extremely likely that campus officials would take the reports of sexual assault seriously.

About half, 52.2 percent, believed it was very or extremely likely that an investigation by campus officials into alleged sexual assault would be fair.

When asked how problematic sexual assault or misconduct was at the university, 14.7 percent of students said it was very or extremely problematic and 5.4 percent thought it was very or extremely likely that they would be the victim of sexual assault in the future.

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher called for the university to address the numbers with “evidence-based prevention-focused” strategies.

In response to the reports, Pitt says it will create a dedicated funding “to energize grassroots solutions from faculty researchers, student groups and University staff.”

The results of the survey can be found online.