Strong Winds Topple A Tree, Burying A Car In Brookline

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)–Strong winds uprooted a couple hundred foot tree on Plainview Avenue in Brookline overnight Sunday.

The homeowner, Jim Fedunok, said this happened around 4 a.m. Sunday. The tree toppled onto his car and totaled it. It caused an estimated $1800 worth of damage to his home.

(Photo Credit: Royce Jones, KDKA)

The City Forestry Division reportedly told the owner that crews would be coming to remove the debris from the street as soon as possible.

(Photo Credit: Royce Jones, KDKA)

Fedunok is responsible for getting rid of the leftovers on his property, which he said cannot be done until the city cleans the street.

(Photo Credit: Royce Jones, KDKA)

He said Duquesne Light had restored power.

No other homes sustained damage from this tree.

We will reach out to city for timeline on cleanup and if anybody else was effected by strong winds in the area.