State Police Find No Violations Of Animal Cruelty After Investigating Dog Tethered To Political Sign

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

STAHLSTOWN, Pa. (KDKA) – Pennsylvania State Police’s Animal Cruelty Officer has determined that there have been no violations of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code after investigating a dog chained to a political sign in Westmoreland County.

On Saturday, October 17, troopers in Greensburg responded to a call in the 1000 block of State Route 711 to check on reports of a dog tied to a political sign in Donegal Township.

Once on the scene, they did in fact find a dog tethered to a campaign sign.

After inspecting the scene and speaking with the owner of the dog and the property, they found that the dog was being supplied with water, food, and shelter. The shelter was a dog house at the property near the sign.

The owner told police that the sign had recently been defaced and the usage of a no trespassing sign along with the presence of the dog was meant to be a deterrent from further damage.

A week later, state police were once again called to the same scene and determined that the dog was again being properly cared for and not a victim of animal cruelty, this time the Pennsylvania State Police Animal Cruelty Officer joined with troopers in Greensburg to inspect the scene.

It was again determined after speaking with the owner and observing the scene that no animal cruelty violations had been committed.

The owner also told the animal cruelty officer that the dog is taken for a walk around the property five times per day.