Saudi Arabia denies involvement in National Enquirer Jeff Bezos report

Bezos said he had hired investigators to probe how the National Enquirer obtained the sensitive texts. He added that Pecker was apparently “apoplectic” about the investigation, and that the alleged “Saudi angle” appeared to have “hit a particularly sensitive nerve.”

“Maybe some of our citizens read the National Enquirer when they’re in the United States,” Jubeir said, when pressed by CBS’ Margaret Brennan. “Other citizens watch the soap opera unfold on television, but that’s it.”

Pecker’s attorney Elkan Abramowitz denied Bezos’ accusation that his client engaged in extortion and blackmail, and dismissed the implication of any involvement from the Saudi government.

“This was a source that had been giving information to the National Enquirer for seven years. It was a person that was known to both Bezos and Ms. Sanchez, therefore giving his information more credibility,” Abramowitz told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

The Daily Beast, citing multiple sources, said Sanchez’s brother, Michael, was the source of the texts. The news site said Michael Sanchez, a Trump supporter, declined to comment.

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