Residents Of Nob Hill Apartments Without Running Water

SCOTT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Residents of a Scott Township apartment building say they haven’t had running water in almost two days.

The Nob Hill Apartments off of Swallow Hill Road allegedly lost water Saturday when one of their private lines started leaking.

Penn-American Water says it is apartment management’s responsibility to restore the water.

Fire crews brought a water buffalo to the property Saturday and re-filled it Sunday evening.

Residents say the water is not drinkable.

“People are getting water from there, but basically it’s not drinking water,” said resident Myron Chijner. “It’s just water you can use for the commode.”

Some say the water buffalo is not a convenient option for some of the building’s elderly and disabled residents.

“So many elderly people are staying, and it’s hard for them to carry the water,” said resident Sourav Das. “There was no help.”

Apartment management did provide six small bottles of water to each apartment, but some say it’s not enough.

“I called corporate today, I was so frustrated, and left a message,” said resident Sharon Allan. “Not a happy message, either.”

According to a sign on the building’s main doors, residents should have a freshwater supply by 10:00 a.m. Monday, but it’s unclear when they can expect a permanent fix.

Some residents said they had to find another place to shower over the weekend. Others said they got a hotel room.