Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers pleads not guilty

Synagogue gunman pleads not guilty

Pittsburgh — A truck driver accused of killing 11 people and wounding seven during an attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue has pleaded not guilty. Forty-six-year-old Robert Bowers was in federal court Monday and pleaded not guilty to a new indictment that added 19 additional counts.

The hearing lasted less than 15 minutes, reports CBS Pittsburgh. Bowers arrived in a red jumpsuit with his ankles and wrists shackled.  

His attorney, Judy Clarke, says the defense is hoping the case can be resolved without going to trial. Clarke is a noted death penalty lawyer whose past clients have included one of the Boston Marathon bombers, a 9/11 conspirator and Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

The new charges against Bowers include hate crime violations, obstructing religious belief and using a firearm during crimes of violence.

Authorities say Bowers raged against Jews during and after the attack.

Two members from the Dor Hadash congregation, which is part of the Tree of Life Synagogue, attended the hearing, CBS Pittsburgh reports. 

“We have to be present, and strong, and not afraid, and make ourselves be known as human beings, all of us in this process, that’s all I know,” said Donna Coufal, one of the Dor Hadash congregants.

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