On the day of her postponed wedding, Brooke Annibale released a new song

click to enlarge Brooke Annibale - PHOTO: RYAN MASTRO

Photo: Ryan Mastro

Brooke Annibale

"Today was supposed to be my wedding day," Brooke Annibale tweeted on Friday. "Instead, I'm sharing my new song 'Home Again' with you." The singer originally planned to drop the song along with her new album next year.

Mixed by Grammy Award-winner Peter Katis and recorded in Pittsburgh with collaborators Mark Ramsey and Jake Hanne, "Home Again" is a breezy, pop-leaning single that swirls and uplifts. Up until this track, Annibale has been known for her folk music. "Home Again" marks a new direction for the Pittsburgh-born musician. 

“I wrote this song at the beginning of a relationship: a song about falling in love, figuring out how to communicate our love for one another, and ultimately build a life and home together," says Annibale. "Over a year after I wrote it, I proposed to my girlfriend (she said yes), and we set our wedding date for June 26, 2020. For the past several months, I have looked forward to [that] day, a special day of celebration, and a day that for much of my life I didn’t think would even be legally possible. Sadly, like everything in 2020, the wedding had to be postponed. But [that] specific day still weighs heavily in my mind, so to honor it, I decided to release this song... A love song to my future wife, an expression of love and gratitude for how we did indeed make a beautiful home together and we will indeed be able to get married surrounded by the people that we love."

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