Mt. Washington To Get Makeover, But Not In Time For Fourth Of July

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The City of Pittsburgh on Monday announced what it called upgrades to the infrastructure and landscaping on Mt. Washington.

There are sections of sidewalks crumbling along Grandview Avenue and three of the viewing platforms are being closed because of safety concerns.

The Department of Public Works will redouble efforts to clear Grandview of litter, and more weeding and mowing of grass is also on tap in the neighborhood.

Brittney Ramsey of Mt. Lebanon told KDKA News Monday night “this is one of my favorite places to come in Pittsburgh, now, it’s just a little sad [to look at].

The price tag for the Mt. Washington fix is expected to be in the neighborhood of $1 million.

People who live in the neighborhood say the problems along Grandview Avenue — not the least of which are the crumbling elevated sidewalks — didn’t just appear overnight.

William Harshman says he’s lived in the neighborhood for about five years. He explained that “we walk this every day, including the winter.”

“To see this, this is uncalled for. For eight or nine months, it’s been like this.”

His wife, Yvonne Harshman said: “People don’t pay attention, they climb over the guardrail. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

With the Fourth of July next week, and large crowds expected, there’s concern about public safety.

“This should have been completed before the Fourth of July,” Harshman said. “They gotta have police up here, it’s going to be full [of people].”