Man Says He Found Body Believed To Be Missing Bethel Park Woman Jamie Feden In Las Vegas Desert

LINCOLN COUNTY (KDKA) — A man who was with his child and another child says he found the body believed to be missing 33-year-old Jamie Feden in the Las Vegas desert.

Feden was last seen in Bethel Park on Sept. 15. John Chapman is accused of kidnapping and killing Feden.

Henry Linsowe says he went on a trip to look at an antique train engine with the children.

On the drive back, they pulled off on a dirt road for a break.

That’s when Linsowe claims the boys saw something in the distance, but they weren’t sure what it was.

So Linsowe told them to get in the truck as he went to look.

That is when he found a body and called the Lincoln County Sheriffs Department.

At first, he thought it was a child because the body was so small. There were no clothes on the body and no clothes to be found anywhere nearby.

Linsowe says the road is in a desolate area, and the body could have possibly still have been there if he didn’t find it.

Linsowe says it’s was more than 90 miles back to Vegas and finding the body made for a long drive

“It was a long drive home to think about what could have happened, what you don’t want to think happened. Then you start thinking about the family,” Linsowe said.

The criminal complaint reports that Chapman told police he convinced Feden to drive to the desert in September.

Once out there, police say Chapman admitted to using zip ties to bind Feden’s hands and feet before tying her to a signpost.

(Source: Bethel Park Police)

He then allegedly told police he put duct tape over her mouth and nose, suffocating her.

The Nevada coroner tells KDKA’s Meghan Schiller that they have yet to positively identify that body, but he believes it matches the body of missing Jamie Feden.

It could take two to three more weeks for the body’s identity to be confirmed.