KDKA Exclusive: 20-Year-Old From Pittsburgh In Quarantine After Returning Home From Study Abroad, Testing Positive For Coronavirus

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 20-year-old from Pittsburgh is now in quarantine after coming home from her study abroad program and testing positive for coronavirus.

For Jillian Lurie, there are only a few rooms in her parents’Squirrel Hill home where she can stand.

She’s been stuck inside for the last 13 days and counting.

“I’ve been quarantined for about two weeks now,” said Lurie.

The 20-year-old Florida State University student tested positive for coronavirus.

“We began to realize this was expanding and coronavirus was serious and that we need to get her home,” said Lisa Lurie, Jillian’s mother.

Jillian Lurie says she was studying abroad in Florence, Italy earlier this month.

She traveled to numerous countries, including Spain. She heard about the coronavirus while abroad.

At first, Jillian Lurie admits she and her friends didn’t take it seriously until President Donald Trump put a traveling ban in place.

She got on a plane as soon as possible to come home.

But before she left, she felt different and knew something was off.

“When I came home, I was coughing and then I had a headache and I couldn’t shake it,” said Jillian Lurie.

Her mother said they instantly quarantined their daughter in her room and set up their own procedures.

When Jillian Lurie eats, it’s on a paper plate, and she only uses plastic utensils.

That way they can just throw the stuff away.

And when it comes to communicating with their daughter, the family uses FaceTime.

As for Jillian Lurie’s symptoms, she told KDKA she never had a fever but only a bad cough and headache.

She suggests if you’re not feeling well, stay home.