Grammy nom rapper Travis Scott wants to study architecture at Harvard

In December, Scott gave a talk at Harvard: a “Master Class on Creativity.” Creativity and inspiration come from “one’s life experiences,” he reportedly told students, so you have to live life to the fullest and be “fearless and not afraid to take risks,” attendee Atri Raychowdhury told Complex.

It’s how Scott seems to live his life.

Travis Scott was born Jacques Webster and grew up in the suburbs of Houston.

“I was a thespian, bruh,” he told Rolling Stone. “I was in this play “Kiss Me, Kate” – you heard of that? I did “Oliver!” I love that type of s—. I love drama.”

Scott took drum and piano lessons, and he was smart, graduating high school early at 17. But still, he hated school, and dropped out of the University of Texas when he was a sophomore. Scott said he found every day of college depressing because he wanted to make music and rap, to tell his life story, he told Complex.

He survived, at first, by scamming his parents into thinking he was still in school.

“I lied to my mom,” Scott told Complex. “I was like, ‘Yo, I need mad money for books. I need a new computer.’ And somehow they got me the money and I spent [it] on like living. Bought me a plane ticket next day, dipped out to New York.”

In New York, Scott told Complex he crashed at a friend’s house, “sleeping on the floor, and grinding,” making music. He was there about three or four months, but then moved to Los Angeles, where he found himself broke after his parents found out about his lies.

“My parents cut me off because I dropped out of college,” Scott says. “I was lying to my parents like, ‘Man, I’m in school.’ They came to visit me, I wasn’t there. I was like in a whole other state.”

Scott crashed on another friend’s couch and started uploading his music on the internet. Bloggers started to take notice of Scott’s talent. When rapper T.I. found out about Scott and contacted him, he finally had a foot in the door.

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