Flock Of Aggressive Wild Turkeys Terrorizing Residents In Whitehall


WHITEHALL, Pa. (KDKA) — Residents in Whitehall say they are being terrorized by a flock of aggressive turkeys.

Residents who live near Margaret Street in Whitehall told KDKA that the group of wild turkeys has been roaming the area and ruffling everyone’s feathers.

“They are not kind and they have no problem coming after you,” said Melissa Daurora, who lives nearby.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The group consists of more than 20 turkeys and according to neighbors, the turkeys have become increasingly more aggressive toward people who enter the area.

“They just strut their stuff through the neighborhood like they own it,” Daurora said.

When KDKA arrived Tuesday to see for ourselves, the bold birds marched right up to the news vehicle. It was clear that the turkeys are not afraid of humans.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“They have chased walkers,” Daurora said. “They have come directly to our front door and pecked at the glass. They went after my boyfriend yesterday. They terrorize my children.”

Borough leaders told KDKA that wild turkeys have been known to roam the area but were unaware that they were causing such a disturbance.

Other neighbors who live nearby said the turkeys have never been this aggressive before. So what’s the deal with these turkeys and why are they so aggressive?

“I know people in the neighborhood have got to be feeding them,” Daurora said.

According to the borough, feeding wild animals is prohibited in Whitehall. Residents are asked to call code enforcement with any concerns. Whitehall police have not received any official complaints about these wild turkeys.

Meanwhile, neighbors are begging people to stop stuffing the turkeys with food.