Charges Held For Court Against Westmoreland Co. Man Accused Of Beating 3-Year-Old Boy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The horrific and brutal details in the alleged sexual abuse and murder of 3-year-old Mikel Fetterman were revealed in his alleged killer’s preliminary hearing today.

“It’s very overwhelming some of the things we heard today,” said Mandy Wilson, a family friend of the victim.

Keith Lilly Jr. is facing charges in the boy’s death.

“Commonwealth’s case was long on conjecture and short on evidence,” said his defense attorney, Blaine Jones.

(Source: City of New Kensington Police Department)

Testimony from a police detective indicated Lilly claimed he heard the child scream and found the boy with the injuries. But Jones says there is another person who may have committed the crime.

“Commonwealth is trying to paint a picture that Mr. Lilly was alone with the child the majority of the time, but that’s not true. Ms. Fetterman was alone with the baby as much as Mr. Lilly was,” says Jones.


Teresa Fetterman, the boy’s mother, also faces criminal charges related to the boy’s death. The little boy spent nearly a month in a coma before he finally succumbed to this injuries.

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All charges were held for trial.

“He categorically and completely denies all allegations,” says Jones.

But Wilson says, “Justice for this little boy is Keith Lilly never sees the light of day again and he never gets to hurt another child.”

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Teresa Fetterman is in the Westmoreland County Jail awaiting trial. She’s charged with multiple counts, including aggravated assault, in the boy’s death.

Lily is also in the Westmoreland County Jail facing homicide and aggravated assault charges. He’s being held without bond.