Area Speed Painter Embraced By Local Sports Community With Support From Steelers’ Devin Bush, Other Pittsburgh Athletes


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in some way — and when it comes to finances, so many people are struggling to make ends meet.

It was especially difficult during the first few months for a local artist who who makes more than half his income doing speed painting at live events, which all ended up being canceled.

Cody Sabol is a live performance painter who created hyper-realistic paintings with his fingers in minutes.

During the beginning months of the pandemic, Cody and his family were worried about how they were going to survive without working events throughout the city.

Cody is also well-known for painting several Pittsburgh athletes over the years and has come to know a lot of them pretty well.

So when Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush Facetimed him asking for a special request — he knew he wouldn’t have to worry so much anymore.“But he was like, ‘Hey I’m trying to get my basement done, you wanna come over? What are you doing tomorrow?’

Cody told Bush “I was like ‘Nothing. I am woefully unemployed at this point.'”

He and his little brother Owen went to Bush’s house over the next couple days, where they painted the hallway leading down to the basement as well as every wall in the basement.

Cody said that Bush turned the basement into a home gym.

Cody also says that painting the entire basement equaled out to about five or seven paintings for him and that after painting for Bush, he stayed extremely busy with requests from other Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates players.

Cody says that the city of Pittsburgh has really embraced him.