Allegheny County Caretaker Charged With Attacking Man With Autism And Intellectual Disabilities


By: KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Borrasso

FORWARD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — A caretaker in Allegheny County is charged with attacking a man with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Sean Killinger, 29, is accused of assaulting the man, who suffered a fractured collarbone. The alleged assault went unreported and untreated for four to six days.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

According to the criminal complaint, the alleged assault happened in mid-December when the man was in the care of the Fayette Resources facility in Forward Township. The victim’s mother called Forward Township police after she received pictures from her son’s school.

Her son got off the school bus and told his teachers that he had a “boo boo” and asked for “kisses on his hurt” left shoulder.

The man’s roommate later told an investigator he was in his room playing video games when he heard screaming and banging. Surveillance video showed the victim crying and being walked out the door by Killinger toward a school van.

Killinger later told police the victim was upset over not knowing for sure if he was going to school the next day. Killinger claimed the victim pinched him and refused to go to his room. Killinger admitted to swearing at him and aggressively escorting him to his room.

“A tussle occurred where he ended up taking the victim and as he was carrying him to this room, he was slamming him into corners, which caused his left shoulder to fracture. So today we were able to secure a felony warrant for his arrest,” said Officer Zlatan Avdic.

Police said Killinger admits he did not report the incident because he believed the man was not hurt. When police showed him pictures, Killinger said he would take the blame for any injuries.

He is charged with two felonies, including neglect of a dependent person.